TheSufi Master

The Sufi Master

Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha, known as “Hazrat Pir” to his students, is the Sufi Master of the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®, and the 42nd Sufi Master (Arif) in an unbroken line of successive spiritual teachers dating back 1400 years to the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). He was born in Tehran, Iran on September 30, 1945, the son, grandson, and great-grandson of famous Sufi Masters. His ancestry dates back to the seventh Imam of the Shi’a, a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), as well as to the Safavid dynasty.

As an infant and young child, his grandmother would carry him to khaneghah sessions in her arms. He never caused any disturbance. His first spiritual instructions were received as a child from his grandfather, Molana Hazrat Mir Ghotbeddin Mohammad Angha. When he showed signs of special capacities, his lengthy and rigorous tutelage in the metaphysical sciences was begun by his father, Molana al Moazam Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha.

When he was 16, he came to study in the United States, where he continued through college and graduate school, earning degrees in both physics and mathematics. After working as a mathematician, then as a physicist, he returned to Iran for further metaphysical study, accompanying his father everywhere, in addition to conducting research for the Atomic Energy Commission.

Hazrat Pir's knowledge is not limited to the esoteric disciplines and sacred sciences (science of letters and numbers, alchemy, etc.), but expands to other disciplines, including: physics, mathematics, astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, biophysics, philosophy, poetry, and architecture. He has invented a device which produces muon rays to be used in Muontherapy for the treatment and repair of the nervous system and various other body systems and organs.

Hazrat Pir's insight, receptivity, and meticulous mind have won the respect of scholars and scientists around the world. Hazrat Pir has delivered lectures at many of the leading universities in the West, and at other scientific and educational institutions. His discourses focus on presenting the depth of the spirituality in Islam, its scientific richness, and its relevance for contemporary life. Currently, Hazrat Pir’s weekly lectures are available and viewed by millions in the form of weekly webcasts through the M.T.O. website.

It is his conviction that unless each person's inherent goodness, talents, and abilities are developed, one cannot know the meaning of stability, security, freedom and human dignity. Hazrat Pir never ceases to teach. He brings others to their state of perfection by enabling them to become the masters of their own lives. He has touched many lives by igniting the flame of love in their hearts, and bringing enlightenment to their lives through giving them knowledge, love, hope, and strength. Hazrat Pir enables others to live in balance, and experience tranquility and survival.

The example of the seed that Hazrat Pir gives when he speaks to his students can guide us to the understanding of the significance of his teachings. Hazrat Pir says that the seed has all the knowledge that it needs---to grow roots, branches, leaves, and bear fruit. There is nothing that the seed must do. However, for that seed to manifest its full potential, it must be planted in the proper soil, raised under suitable conditions, and tended by the hand of a caring and knowledgeable gardener. It is the gardener who knows the full potential of the seed and has the knowledge and ability to care for the seed until it becomes a tree and reaches its full growth. In one of his works, The Secret Word (20), Hazrat Pir writes:

Hope is planted seed in fertile ground that bears fruit.
In the land of my heart the plant of despair never grows.

Those who have been raised and cultivated by the hand of such a gardener know the meaning of this sentence well within the depth of their hearts. Those who have reaped the benefits of his teachings never cease to utter his name with love and respect. Hazrat Pir brings joy, hope, stability, peace, and love to the lives of his students. He teaches them how to live a healthy, balanced life through self-knowledge.