Oneness of Existence

"What exists, in absolute rapture, Glorifies the Essence of Being."

Holy Qur’an (21:33)

Over 1400 years ago the Prophet of Islam declared: "Whoever cognizes the true self has cognized God." In Islam, the true self, or the "I", is equated with the Divine. This is why Islam proclaims the Oneness of Existence --- la ilaha-illa’llah --- or, "there is no other but God." This is the true human dignity granted to humans, that there is no separation between him and God. As stated in the Holy Qur’an (50:16), "I am closer to you than your jugular vein."1

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) gave directives as to how one can cognize one’s true self. To attain this state, one must submit to God. It is through submission to the knowledge that one’s actions are founded upon wisdom and not on ignorance, superstition, or blind faith. Unfortunately, many believe that to submit means you are subservient to someone. This is false since it is blind faith and therefore not worthy of the dignity of the human being as ordained by God.

Whenever we compare the structure of the solar system with the structure and organization of the atomic structure, we observe that they all submit to an innate knowledge and are governed by the laws of existence. So too is the human being who is able to cognize the "I" as the source of the innate knowledge within. This is the state of total freedom and love that has been amplified in the writings of the Sufi masters.2
The words of Amir-al Mo’menin Ali (pbuh), the guiding light for humanity, attest to this genuine and sacred goal:

Islam is submission,
and submission is stability and constancy
in the true reality of Existence.

Submission is the vitality of Islam because of the dynamic evolution and revolution that takes place from the core of the believer’s heart, where all boundaries of separation and duality cease to exist.

In this truthfulness, the believer attests to the oneness of God. Attestation is not only verbal, but also with the believer’s body, mind, and heart - his entire being - must resonate with the presence of one God.3

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