Principle of Love

“The Principle of Love and Attraction transcends limited and changeable attachments, dependencies, and emotions. Love is a fundamental principle of existence, a field of attraction, and a rapture that embraces the entire human existence. All existence is love. Like other manifestations of existence, love has its own reality. The ordinary level of love finds its expression in everyday life, sexuality, friendship, and attractions. People often mistake sexual passion and sensual sexuality for the real and ultimate form of love, when in reality it is the lowest form.”1

“Ordinary love, which is a manifestation of divine love, has real traces of true love. The lives of those who are in love are full of meaning and purpose. They are positive, hopeful, passionate, and giving. They see beauty as more beautiful and problems as less severe. However, because ordinary love is changeable and unstable, these feelings can turn into the opposite. Real love, the rapture that is hidden in the "I", is constant, and its positive characteristics are permanent and eternal. ”1

Professor Angha describes love as synonymous with the most delicate and spiritual levels of life. Love is the power that binds together particles of matter, and sculpts the manifestation of Existence into its multitudinous shapes. Love is the very glue of existence.

The reality of Love is a burning essence, which is hidden within
the core of each element and strives to reach the state of boundless
unity to bind and unite with the all-pervading love of existence.2

If human beings, who, like everything else are imbued with this principle, neglect their stable center, they can only experience love in its ordinary and limited dimensions; they will remain utterly unaware of the burning love and rapture which is the moving force of life.

"Love is an all–pervading electromagnetic force, which unites and connects all aspects of existence,
from the smallest particle to the whole infinite universe."3

“This attraction unites every aspect of existence; it connects human beings to their source of life, to their stable center, the "I". The "I" functions as a magnet that captures all energies, love and attractions that exist in the universe. All individuals have their stable center. When they discover and unfold it, they develop shared values and the ability to connect and bind together. It works like an invisible glue and leads them to develop patterns of cohesiveness, cooperation, attraction, and love in its true meaning. Individuals imbued with the Principle of Love and Attraction are dynamic, vital, hopeful, and positive. Wherever they are, their presence radiates positive energy and liveliness.”4   

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