Solitude of Heart

"When the Light enters the heart, it shall unfold and expand; its sign being separation from the limited self and solitude of heart."

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)

Hazrat Mir Ghotbeddin Mohammad Angha has said:

"The strengthening and growth of the inner forces and the discovery of the mastery of humanity as prescribed by the enlightened is in keeping solitude, but not in the popular misconception of idleness and laziness. "

"On the contrary, the elevation of the soul, the concentration of thoughts, and the mastering of the senses make one a worthy individual who gives his services to a needy society without any expectation of reward.

"In discovering his reality he is then a source of strength and abundance, whose riches like a mine are discovered and used for the benefit of humanity. Separation is restricting oneself from unnecessary actions, and being apart in society means to be amongst men but do not partake of their bad habits and being alone in the sanctuary of the heart. This has been called solitude by the Sufis which is the opposite of being dispersed while being alone. For, an individual may sit alone but be engaged in numerous thoughts and judgments of good and evil. Such a person is not called solitary."

On the subject of mastering the carnal self, the Great Sufi Hazrat Seyyed Mohammad Sabzevari has said:

"Recognize the carnal self as the vehicle that contains the human soul; in solouk (journey of self-knowledge) and in ascetic practices, drive it to wisdom so that it will not give way on the soul’s journey to God. If you subject it to harsh ascetic practices in the beginning of the solouk it will succumb at the lightest difficulty. Therefore treat it with moderation until the Lord of Love conquers the heart and at such time whatever he commands, so it shall be."1

 A Selected Reading from Hadiths Ghodsi

"O son of Adam, remember My blessing upon you.
You will not be directed to the path except with the help of a guide.
You will not be directed to heaven except through knowledge.
You will not gather wealth except through toil.
You will not enter heaven except through patience in prayer and worship. So draw close to me through loving prayers.” 2

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