Tasavvuf or Sufism

Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali Mir Abolfazl Angha, in his book entitled Anvar Gholoob al-Salekin (The Illumination of the Disciples’ Hearts) presents the following description of tasavvuf (Sufism) as delineated by Amir al-Mo'menin, Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him).

Based on the letters of the word "tasavvuf (تصوف), which in Arabic translates into Sufism, tasavvuf is a combination of four letters - T, S, V and F.

Each letter represents three words so that in consequence, the one word "tasavvuf" embodies twelve concepts.

"T" represents -

1. Tark – abandonment; not to be attached to earthly possessions, habits, desires; to live a life away from extremes

2. Toubeh - repentance (turning the heart from desires to God, with joy and affection)

3. Taugha - virtue and abstinence

"S" delineates -

1. Sabr - patience

2. Sedgh - truthfulness

3. Safa - purity

"V" embodies -

1. Vafa - loyalty

2. Vud - love

3. Verd - remembrance of God

"F" represents -

1. Fard - to be stripped of all attachments and desires

2. Faghr - poverty: reaching a state of abundant knowledge to then realize the confines of one’s acquired knowledge and all possessions

3. Fana - annihilation: the disappearance of impurities from the heart and their replacement with divine manifestations; becoming one with the Truth.